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Empowering Communities Against Firearms

Firearm violence is becoming a modern plague in many cities around the world. An increasing number of these cities are adopting Gunshot Detection Systems for controlling firearm violence. Gunshot detection technology has proven efficacy to prevent and reduce firearm violence and improve the police performance.
In 2010, Dr. Juan Aguilar innovates in Chilean public security by introducing acoustic gunshot detection as a tool for controlling firearm violence in high-crime urban areas. Now we are proud to introduce our Gunshot Detection System Shot-Cue.
Shot-Cue uses an innovative acoustic sensors network located at the streets to pick-up the gunshot and shooting sounds with the highest digital audio quality. Shot-Cue’s proprietary software detects and locates shootings in real-time and then displays the shooters locations on a global positioning system.
Shot-Cue wants to contribute to public and private security delivering state-of-the-art on acoustic-based gunshot detection and localization technology. We are committed to developing safer smart cities and improve the quality of life of people
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